Jan 2012 Update

Category: Clayton's Blog

January was a productive month for many reasons, but few of them related to Eviduction.  A variety of my other projects (new window, claytondaley.com) passed key milestones.  Unfortunately, this resulted in a significant reduction in the time spent on these projects.


The one positive note is that I started reading Bertrand Russell's The Problems of Philosophy and John Locke's An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding.  I always envied mathematicians because their arguments could be framed in terms that were obvious once proven, a distinct contrast to neuroscience work.

However, philosophy offers me the opportunity to propose the cognitive argument without the same degree of neuroscience underpinnings.  It also overlaps very well with the use of logical fallacy as corroborative evidence since philosophers are one of the few people who study fallacy in any great depth.  To that end, I have begun to reformulate the argument in more traditional philosophical terms and this may provide a shortcut to a first published paper.  I will still need to publish the neuroscience paper to close the loop between a nice philosophical theory and real applications, but a well accepted philosophy paper should only buttress that potential.

A significant fraction of my work has been documented on my personal site under relevant interests.  Feel free to drop by there to read more.

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