Feb 2012 Update

Category: Clayton's Blog

February is over, but work progresses.  Most of the month was lost to illness (flu) and other business activities.  However, I have made time to continue to build up both my epistemology theory and my neuroscience/cognition work.  I was somewhat surprised to find that I could express my cognition theory with greater ease in the field of philosophy.  While the results are not necessarily "applied" to the same degree, a comprehensive theory can also be submitted without the volume of primary research required in neuroscience.

I recognize that my (lack of) scientific reputation is likely to be a significant hurdle in advancing my theory.  With that in mind, the potential to present a clean (and complete) cognitive theory to a philosophy audience is appealing.  It has the good fortune to overlap with my epistemological work (for Eviduction).  Consequently, I am able to advance both theories with much of the same work.

While this change theoretically provides a compressed timeline, I still have a lot of epistemology to cover.  At the moment, I'm working my way through Russel, Locke, Popper, and Kuhn.  I have always admired Popper in the abstract and his work fills in some key holes in a philosophical presentation of my theory.  It appears that he will provide a solid foundation for several aspects of my theory.  Unfortunately, however, I find that I must side with inductivists on one fundamental point.  I do not believe it makes his techniques any less valid for other uses and will endeavor to "prove" this case in my work.


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